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Buhari has placed Nigeria under siege - Fayose

Buhari has placed Nigeria under siege - Fayose

Ekiti state governor, Ayodele Fayose has said President Muhammadu Buhari has put Nigeria under siege.

Buhari has placed Nigeria under siege - Fayose

Buhari has placed Nigeria under siege - Fayose

Mr Fayose who is also the chairman of the PDP governors forum stated this in an interview with Guardian newspaper when he was asked to react to the recent attempt by the DSS to arrest Apostle Suleman Johnson in Ado-Ekiti.

“Nigeria is under siege. We are as good as a people in police state. I said it earlier that the press will be gagged, and is it not happening now? They will graduate from harassing politicians to the press and the church, to the judiciary. Even lawyers will not be spared. A dictator is like a scavenger, and until God defeats a dictator, everybody must be praying.

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“We are being governed by a dictator. Let me narrate the story of a rich man, who went to buy a lion and kept it in his house. Some cautioned him against it, but he promised to tame it. ‘We will domesticate it, we will not allow it to taste blood,’ he said. But his neighbours were not comfortable. Eventually, the lion grew and developed claws.

“Before the rich man returned home one day, the lion had eaten his children. But the lion did not stop there; it jumped out of the fence, took over the street and also attacked all the neighbours.

The neighbours suffered because they were not courageous enough to challenge the rich man and say, ‘no, you cannot rear a lion in the midst of people. That is the story of Nigeria now.”

Asked what advise he has for President Buhari as a strong opposition voice, Fayose said he wont advise him because he doesn’t listen.

He said; "I won’t advise him, because he does not listen. Let me tell you why. In a space of three months, the Senate rejected President Buhari’s Magu; The Senate has APC as majority members. The Senate also rejected the use of Kaduna Airport for international flights. This is the Senate that is largely constituted by members of Buhari’s party, rejecting many things from him, including financial policies, such as MTEF.

"The Senators represent different constituencies, which means that Nigerians are the ones rejecting what Buhari is doing.

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"Senate said some people are thieves, but the President said they are saints, flawless. If Ekiti Assembly rejects somebody as Commissioner, and they give reasons and damning reports, since they represent the people from the grassroots, what capacity do I have to go ahead?

"The President has made up his mind and has proved that he would do anything he wanted to do, whether National Assembly supports or not. So, why bother wasting your time advising him? I won’t cry in front of a person that will stop me and ask why I am crying.

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