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Goodluck Jonathan's visit to Obasanjo worries APC

Goodluck Jonathan's visit to Obasanjo worries APC

- Dr Goodluck Jonathan's visit to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo have ruffled a few feathers

- Chieftains of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are said to be jittery about the visit

- The real motive of the visit is yet to be known

A report by The Authority indicates that chieftains of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are jittery about the visit of Dr Goodluck Jonathan's to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo recently.

Goodluck Jonathan's visit to Obasanjo worries APC

Goodluck Jonathan's visited Obasanjo this past weekend. Photo credit: Premium Times

According to the report, the APC is said to be uncomfortable that Oba­sanjo, who had recently criti­cised some polices of President Muhammadu Buhari, is sudden­ly felicitating with Jonathan.

Obasanjo had danced openly when Buhari defeated Jonathan at the presidential poll in 2015 after both men fell out before the election.

Obasanjo at the weekend hosted Jonathan in his country home in Ogun state where he showered praises on the immediate past president.

An APC leader, who reacted to the meeting ad­mitted that any time Obasanjo is mending fences with his foes, “he is up to something strange.”

There are speculations that Jonathan is under intense pressure by some political actors to play a more prominent role in the em­battled People’s Democratic Par­ty (PDP).

Jonathan, in a response, has of recent begun to pay more atten­tion to the party that brought him to limelight.

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The surprise visit to Oba­sanjo came at a time the ruling party and the pres­idency are apprehensive of the real intentions of the Jonathan project, the report noted.

An unnamed source quoted in the report said the state of the nation is causing more apprehension for the cabal in the present govern­ment, making them suspicious of every movement ofJonathan.

According to the source: “All the blame game on the past ad­ministration is no longer holding water. This is almost two years; continuing to blame the previous administration is causing more harm to the present administra­tion.

“What was dollar going for in the past? What of the cost of com­modities in the market? What of the price of fuel? Nigerians no longer agree with the blame game. People are suffering.

“Did we suffer like this dur­ing Jonathan’s reign? So, how will you tell them the previous regime caused the suffering? So, any fur­ther attempt to taint the image of Jonathan is rather attracting sym­pathy to him”.

A chieftain of the PDP from the North east, however, described the Jonathan project as a part of the reconciliation process in the party.

“No, he is not contesting; but the meeting in Ota is part of the reunion, to mend fences. There is no way Jonathan will contest.

“Already, the PDP has zoned the presidential ticket to the north. Jonathan is just bringing the party chieftains back for peace to reign”.

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Meanwhile, some media sources say Jonathan met with Obasanjo to fix the frosty relations between the two ex-presidents which has remained since 2015.

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