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This is not what we were promised - Nigerians react

This is not what we were promised - Nigerians react

Reactions have trailed reports which suggest that the ministry of information is to spend about N661 million on refreshment and traveling expenses within the course of 2017.

Critics have said that the proposed spending plan is not in line with the Federal Government's promise to block leakages, as to aid quick recovery of the country from the economic recession.

Military should take over this government - Nigerians react

Military should take over this government - Nigerians react

The amount is part of the N49,464,302,080billion allocated to the ministry from the N7.3 trillion appropriation bill for 2017currently before the National Assembly.

Nigerians have reacted to the report that cast aspersion on claims by the government, regarding doing all that there is to be done, to get the nation out of recession.

Frank ChukwuEmeka said: "In this recession? This country is for monkeys and baboons, meaning that nigeria has the weakest youths in the world."

Orinya Nabilelzhar said: "Change begins with me... My prayer is for the rising of a minor who Nigerians will believe in his vision for Nigeria come 2019. One who will unravel the massive looting ongoing in this government."

Anyimukwu Chibueze asked a sarcastic question saying: "Please will you people be going to the moon or buy the same manna God gave our forefathers?"

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Chidi Obiekwe said: "The military should take over this government... Period"

Ejim Sunny said: "That money is small for refreshment.Have you forgotten we will have to organise gatherings for most of our zombie supporters to champion the lies of our lord buhari that never does anything wrong."

Daniel Sunday said: "I feel Messiah Buhari and his lying lies Minister are nor wrong at all Even when 2016 budget was padded which he was a signitry that matter was swept under the Capet when his wife Aisha when on foreign media accusing APC & her husband Buhari of playing much to gallery more than facing the reality many Nigerians turn the matter to bed scandal Jibrin is available to unveiled more APC padded budget when he return from Exile So their salaries are not enough for dis almighty refreshment...wat a government."

Usman Manuga said: "Congratulation Nigeria is out of recession considering what Lai muhammed is to use for refreshment."

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